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Yes, cake.

Connie Contardi, Yolanda Gampp and Jocelyn Mercer are the businesswomen behind the popular YouTube channel How to Cake It. You may have seen one of their videos such as the watermelon cake which has over 11 million views.

Sure, viral YouTube videos are nothing new but these entrepreneurs and content creators were actually REJECTED time and time again by network television when their show on Food Network Canada, Sugar Stars, was cancelled in 2012.

So what did they do?

They turned to YouTube for their business and serve weekly videos to an audience of over 3 million subscribers.

Check out the original article from Entrepreneur for the full interview.


This article brings up four key concepts for entrepreneurs:

  1. Follow your passion. Even in the face of rejection from network TV, this trio knew they had something great. They just needed the place to show it. Passion alone won’t carry your vision forward. You’ll need to leverage the right tools. Which leads into the second concept…
  2. Get creative. Mercer sums it up: “Connie and I decided to make our exit from television and entry into YouTube, where we could stop asking permission and make a show that we really believed in. We were really excited about the opportunity to have our own creative voice… At the time, there wasn’t a lot of baking channels that were entertaining. They were very tutorial focused, on the A-to-B of the cake.”
  3. Monetize (of course). The How to Cake It crew uses several elements in their business model. Not only do they earn revenue through ad sales on YouTube but also from brand deals, their own e-commerce platform with baking tools, book sales, cake themed t-shirts, and a live stream baking camp. Need assistance monetizing your passion? Find expert business coaching from Ronnie Tsunami here.
  4. You may need a team. Gampp said it herself: “Everybody knows that TV shows and movies are made by a ton of people. On YouTube, there are one-man shows that grow to a point where they physically can’t do that and then are forced to collaborate or hire people they trust to help them run their channel. The bigger your channel gets, the bigger your team gets. Where we’re lucky is, we started there. For us, we’re on all platforms. It’s our website, our blog, our e-commerce, our Instagram. It’s all of these things, and if you really think about it, there’s no way one person could be doing all of that.” In addition to Gampp, Contardi, and Mercer, they have a team of 8 employees that run the website, blog, ecommerce offerings and social media accounts.

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