We are a private company based in Charlotte, NC, that provides both training and implementation services exclusively to change leaders to help them grow their business bigger and faster.  Change leaders are different from change makers, because although a change maker takes action into their own hands, a change leader also takes responsibility for building and leading an entire tribe of change makers to make an even bigger impact…to reach more people…to create a legacy that goes on and keeps changing lives long after they have gone.  For those who are ready to take on the responsibility and respect of a change leader, there’s CHANGE LEADER SOLUTIONS.

Are you a Change Leader? We’d LOVE to help you ACCELERATE YOUR WAVE OF CHANGE!


Ronnie Tsunami, President and CEO

Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, and a former member of the US Air Force who also served for the Secretary of Defense, Ronnie Tsunami has been called the “MacGyver” of training because of his ability to quickly develop learning solutions that help market new products/services generating millions of dollars in revenue and sponsorships .  This has included a variety of products including online courses, coaching programs, books, software, charities, support groups, music, bands, food, and a film.  In fact, over the past 25 years, Ronnie’s innovative solutions have been implemented in more than 10,000 academic institutions, companies and enterprise organizations around the world including Microsoft, the US Air Force, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Time Warner Cable, and PlantPure Nation.  In addition, he has built online and local support communities with millions of members in over 400 cities around the world in the fields of information technology, business, and health and wellness.  Ronnie recently launched the largest web video summit ever held on the Internet, and he currently speaks around the country to companies and change leaders on how to accelerate change in an organization and society as a whole.  For fun, Ronnie is a multi award-winning musician, singer and composer.  He also is passionate advocate of the plant-based lifestyle, earned a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University, and is a member of the Coalition for Healthy School Food.

Brad A. Tapang, Chief Learning Officer

Brad Tapang is a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching certified coach and member of the International Coach Federation, who has helped thousands of people around the world reach or exceed their academic, professional, and life goals.

Brad was a Gates Millennium Scholar at Duke University, where he graduated with degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology. He has always been fascinated by the human mind and how to unlock its maximum potential. He took this fascination with the brain further by conducting research at Duke University’s Center for Cognitive Neuroscience. He worked for Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions for 10 years where he managed and trained instructors and trainers worldwide. He was a pioneer in Kaplan’s online division, working with diverse clients from across the globe. He is a founding board member of Victor M. Ordonez Fides, a non-profit organization that provides training programs and scholarships to educators and administrators. The Latin phrase “labor omnia vincit” (“work conquers all”) mirrors his belief that any goal can be achieved with guided effort.

Victor Cacho, Chief Technology Officer

Victor Cacho has helped business owners navigate the myriad of technology options available for solving specific business needs for over 25 years.  He has seen various technologies evolve since the early days of hand-coding websites, to the highly automated processes of the internet today.  Victor was the technology lead of an SAP ERP Y2K implementation project for a global engineering and manufacturing corporation, where he not only personally coded all of the data migration programs, but also honed his skills in managing people, projects, and processes for a large distributed team.  He now enjoys working with entrepreneurs who have relentless passion and motivation to bring their ideas to life – from modern, responsive websites to automating processes and streamlining operations, creating value through technology.

Victor is a member of the Association of Information Technology Professionals, San Diego Chapter.  He has just immersed himself into the world of Progressive Web Apps, which he believes is the next great thing since the invention of email (and sliced bread).  Victor plays the ukulele in his car while stopped in traffic.

Mike Knight, Business Development Director

Michael Knight is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, trainer, and out of the box thinker that is driven by a desire to help others achieve their highest and best self. He has spoken at venues across the US and delivers his messages with an engaging style focused on bringing the most relevant and applicable information available to his audience. He has been interviewed by CNN and ABC for his knowledge and success with the investment market and building a real estate firm that catered specifically to this market niche. He has created or been involved with multiple start-up companies in different industries and loves the challenges presented.  He’s also hired and managed teams of sales people and grew his businesses each to multi-million dollar a year businesses.  Michael quickly discovered that taking knowledge gained through experiences and being able to use it to assist others in their business growth was where his true passion existed.

Michael experienced something very few people ever do: he witnessed his father have a heart attack live on national television. His father miraculously survived, and that is what led Michael to seeking out better ways of taking care of himself via diet, exercise, meditation, etc. He even started a successful podcast that interviews some of the top names in the health and fitness world about their journeys and advice to others. He’s committed to sharing this information to assist others in their lives and empower them to make positive changes for their lives and those around them.

Michael grew up in Charlotte, NC and went to NC State University and resides in Charlotte, NC today with his two (2) sons and “Furry Little Four Legged Daughter-Chi”. He enjoys spending time with his sons, being outdoors and finding constant ways to exercise and challenge the body physically and meditating.

Robyn Rolfes, Design and Branding Director

For the past three decades, Robyn has been assisting a variety of customers, from small startups to Fortune 500 corporations, as a visually strategic educator and designer. Her eye for detail and organization helps complete a cohesive brand for her clients. By blending copy with visuals and creating a memorable identity, Robyn has helped companies grow by integrating all facets of Graphic Design. From logos and visual system development, to direct mail, social media and brochures, she loves to analyze and work as a team to find solutions.

As former VP of Creative Services for a retail store, she has expertise in branding consultation, identity concept and design, marketing, graphics, POP and product displays, signage, campaigns, private labeling, packaging, event planning, promotional items, merchandising and buying, photography, structural organization and internal /external forms & proposals. From small projects to long-term strategies, Robyn’s overarching philosophy is to make beautiful and simplistic work – uniquely varied to match the individual needs of each client.

Robyn graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Multi-Media, from Arizona State University. She is based in the Phoenix metro area, where she resides with her husband, two sons and her dog. When she isn’t designing or “playing” on the computer, Robyn enjoys spending time hiking, boating, geocaching, adventuring and discovering new places to explore. She is passionate about living a plant-based lifestyle and continues to inspire others to work towards their optimum health and wellness goals.

Ashley Gandiza, Communications Manager

Ashley has been helping to mobilize communities for years, including managing public relations and social media for Planned Parenthood, the largest women’s health and rights non-profit organization in the US, as the Community Organizer for the State of Hawaii. Her passion for serving others and creating positive change in her community led her to organize hundreds of volunteers by educating, training, and coordinating dozens of leadership events.

Ashley graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies and a minor in Business from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She continues her passion for women’s rights and human rights as an aspiring designer and social justice entrepreneur.

Dana Dobson, Public Relations (PR) Advisor

Dana Dobson is an award-winning public relations consultant, speaker, author, workshop leader, ghostwriter and TEDx speaker coach with 30 years of experience working with both Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs to solve their two biggest marketing challenges — how to get the word out to mass audiences, and how to bring the leads in.

The founder of Dana Dobson Public Relations, Dana excels at coaching her clients to optimize their personal brands and media relations skills, and assists with the creation and distribution of compelling content to build reputable brands and loyal audiences.

Dana is the author of, “How to Reach Millions with Artful PR: What They Don’t Teach You in Marketing School.” She is also an accomplished ghostwriter who has written books for business leaders, industry influencers and generally fascinating people with interesting stories to tell.

Dana speaks frequently on building profitable market presence for leaders and experts, demystifying traditional and digital media outreach, how to create wildly successful publicity campaigns, and how to adapt to the new value principle of content delivery in the digital age.

Joanna Gustafson, Health and Wellness Advisor

Joanna Gandiza has a BS in Earth Science and a Masters in Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.  She worked as an earth scientist and engineer for a number of years, but then her first husband died of a heart attack at a young age. At that point she became passionate to try to help others get healthier, and earned a Master’s Degree in Health Promotion from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as well as numerous health and fitness certifications. She became an author and health consultant, created her own fitness and wellness programs, and also worked as a wellness director for a large corporation. In 2004, as the Director of Membership for a global community organization, she helped to grow the organization from 12 groups representing 12,000 members to 800 groups around the world representing over 2 million members.

Joanna completed Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition training program from eCornell and currently serves as the Executive Director of the Plant-Based Society.  She is also a certified Zumba senior exercise instructor, certified life and health coach, and a certified SCUBA diver.

Gerardo Velez, Arts & Entertainment Advisor

Gerardo “Jerry” Velez, musician extraordinaire, was born and raised in NYC, and played with Jimi Hendrix’s Gypsy Sun and Rainbows at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair three days after he turned twenty-two. Gerardo went on to perform with such luminaries as David Bowie, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Destiny’s Child, Stevie Nicks, Chaka Khan, Marc Anthony and countless others. He is an original member of Spyro Gyra, the best selling contemporary jazz group of all time, garnering multiple Gold and Platinum recording awards, including best new group of 1978, several #1 hit songs, Billboard Magazine’s Jazz Band of the 80s, the Ampex Golden Reel Award, and seven Grammy Nominations.

Since 1981, Gerardo Velez’s event company, Gerardo Velez Productions (GVP), has been producing hundreds of national and international events, gala’s, concerts, and festivals for top clients such as the New York Stock Exchange, The Security Traders Association of New York, Bank of America, H.B.O., Comedy Central, SAP Software, Time Warner, Donna Karan, Chopard Jewelry, Mirimax Films, and Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino just to mention a few. His range in music continues as a musical supervisor and director for Conde Nast Travelers Awards, United Way’s 25th Anniversary, and National Football League Properties.