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Consistency Changes the World


Have you ever had a thought or idea that you knew could make a difference in the world but you never developed it and put it into action? No of course not, you're a CHANGE MAKER who has it all figured out. Sarcasm aside, hear me out. There is something note worthy within this post. Many change makers have lots of ideas for how to make the world a better place. Perhaps you are a "professional opportunist" and have a book full of business ideas of which the majority do not leave the notebook to see the light of day. But [...]

Consistency Changes the World2018-05-06T23:46:54-04:00

4 Key Concepts for Entrepreneurs to Learn from Cake


Yes, cake. Connie Contardi, Yolanda Gampp and Jocelyn Mercer are the businesswomen behind the popular YouTube channel How to Cake It. You may have seen one of their videos such as the watermelon cake which has over 11 million views. Sure, viral YouTube videos are nothing new but these entrepreneurs and content creators were actually REJECTED time and time again by network television when their show on Food Network Canada, Sugar Stars, was cancelled in 2012. So what did they do? They turned to YouTube for their business and serve weekly videos to an audience of over 3 million subscribers. Check out [...]

4 Key Concepts for Entrepreneurs to Learn from Cake2018-04-27T00:49:07-04:00

Are You Leveraging the Right Technology?


Not all technology services and programs are created equal. If you aren't using the most effective technology for your business you are wasting not only your time (and money) but also your employee's time (and still your money). As a business leader, ultimately the decision is yours to make. Entrepreneur asks, "How do you know if the tools you’ve deployed as a business leader are helping engage and retain talent?" The top 3 signs are: Technology blends seamlessly with the many ways employees work. Users can be more human. Tools foster collaboration among different teams. Check out the article, Are Your [...]

Are You Leveraging the Right Technology?2018-04-18T16:09:58-04:00

Success Tips for Women in Leadership


Female founders and entrepreneurs are a small but mighty percentage of all venture capital according to Forbes. Here are several tips from successful women geared at helping other women succeed. There's nothing better than women empowering women to change the world!  

Success Tips for Women in Leadership2018-04-02T13:16:53-04:00

What makes a change maker a change leader?

2018-03-26T15:25:42-04:00 The world is full of change makers, (thank goodness)! But what makes a change maker a change LEADER? Simply put, Change Leader Solutions (CLS) believe change leaders to be those who lead the change makers. Whether you are a change maker stepping into a higher leadership role or currently consider yourself a change leader looking to increase your reach, CLS is ready with marketing, training, and implementation support. Anyone can be a change leader within their chosen movement with passion, the right message, and with the right TOOLS. In other words CLS can take your What and Why and boost [...]

What makes a change maker a change leader?2018-03-26T15:25:42-04:00
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