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Have you ever had a thought or idea that you knew could make a difference in the world but you never developed it and put it into action? No of course not, you’re a CHANGE MAKER who has it all figured out. Sarcasm aside, hear me out. There is something note worthy within this post.

Many change makers have lots of ideas for how to make the world a better place. Perhaps you are a “professional opportunist” and have a book full of business ideas of which the majority do not leave the notebook to see the light of day. But what good is that idea without consistent action?

Think about this from Forbes:

Powerful thoughts change the world, once they reach a certain consistent intensity. The true test is whether your thoughts are powerful enough to change your own actions.

Change makers are not those who just dream of a better world, but those who have a vision, the course of action, and the team to do so.

Ask yourself this:

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