Introducing the Quick Course Creator


IF you are a coach, speaker and/or author who absolutely loves spending thousands of dollars on coaching programs, workshops, seminars and conferences with very little to show for it…

IF you love “techie stuff” and trying to keep up with the latest digital marketing tools and techniques instead of doing what you’re most passionate about…

IF you like spending months or even years being sold hope and inspiration but receiving nothing in terms of real implementation assistance…

IF you just want “formulas” or “blueprints” so you can work alone instead of having someone work with you and for you to get things accomplished faster…

…then our Quick Course Creator is probably NOT for you.

FINALLY a “Done-For-You” Course Creation Service!

There’s a lot of planning and effort that goes into creating, launching and marketing a revenue-generating online course.  However, with Quick Course Creator, you don’t have to do this all alone.  Our team has experience and knowledge in a wide variety of fields including business, marketing, leadership, coaching, public speaking, arts and sciences, health and wellness, fitness, training and education, personal development, information technology and engineering.   We also have an extensive network of subject matter experts we can call upon if needed, so we can help you to develop and execute an effective content development strategy for almost any niche.

Although there are many online course building options out there, using someone else’s platform also means not having 100% control. You have to follow their pricing rules, and you may not even own your customers (names and emails) or the content that you worked so hard to create. With Quick Course Creator, the course content we help you develop is 100% your intellectual property, and you own the list of names and email addresses of customers that purchase your course.


We are not simply a web development or learning management system (LMS) company adding your content to a platform or website. Our team is comprised of highly educated, experienced and certified learning solution architects, web developers and marketing specialists who have developed training programs that have been implemented in more than 10,000 academic institutions, enterprise organizations, government agencies, and small businesses around the world. This includes Microsoft, Time Warner, the US Air Force and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. We can not only help you to design a great online course, but we can help design, launch and market a suite of revenue-generating courses with you that is aligned with your signature system. If you need a signature system, our team members have over 20 years experience in building signature systems and frameworks for thought leaders and organizations. Now this professional training, technology and marketing expertise is available to you.

With our 5-step Quick Course Creator system, we define your goals, assess your needs and develop a detailed plan.  Then we break up into three teams, Content Development, Web Development, and Marketing, who work concurrently to implement the plan.  Here is a quick breakdown of our system:


In Step #1 of our 5-step Quick Course Creator System, we DEFINE your goals, as well as your target audience(s), their “pain points,” your solutions to their “pain points,” the competitors to your solutions, and what differentiates your solutions versus what is offered by your competitors.


Once we know your goals and understand your target market, we start on Step #2 where we develop a custom PLAN for you, which includes creating a master task list, and identifying what resources are required, such as subject matter experts, graphics, audio files and videos.  We also assign personnel and deadlines .


In Step #3, we start to BUILD your online course by gathering your content and writing additional content as needed.  If you have no content, we will interview you based on the PLAN we created earlier in order to start creating content.  This is also when you will start recording videos if you plan to use videos in your course.  At the same time, our web team will start setting up and integrating your website, learning management system (LMS), ecommerce store and affiliate program.


In Step #4, we will test your online course before we LAUNCH in order to make sure everything works, including the student registration process, the course, and the quizzes if you use them.  We also help you MARKET your course online, which includes internet, social media and mobile marketing.  Depending on what you need, we can help set up, optimize and even manage your social media marketing efforts.  We can also assist with developing your lead capture offer to build a big list, and creating autoresponders and videos to market your course to your list.


In Step #5, we help you to SCALE your offerings bigger – reach more people, sell more products and generate more sales.   This can include the development and launch of affiliate marketing programs, telesummits/websummits, instructor training and certifications, community support campaigns and more.

The investment to have our team manage the development of your course depends on how much you want us to do for you, so it can range between $5000 to $22,500:

  • Full Online Course Development – we work with you to create your content from scratch, including the setup of a Learning Management System = $7500
  • Partial Online Course Development – we convert your book or other existing content into a course, Learning Management System = $5000
  • In-Person Class – We help to develop Powerpoint slides and printed workbooks/curriculum = $5000
  • 30-Day Digital Marketing Launch – we develop and execute a 30-day  digital marketing strategy for launching your course, which includes creating all social media accounts, creating 30 days worth of social media posts, identifying and contacting social 200 to 300 influencers via an Influencer Outreach Campaign, developing and conducting Facebook ad campaigns = $5000