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Not all technology services and programs are created equal. If you aren’t using the most effective technology for your business you are wasting not only your time (and money) but also your employee’s time (and still your money). As a business leader, ultimately the decision is yours to make. Entrepreneur asks, “How do you know if the tools you’ve deployed as a business leader are helping engage and retain talent?” The top 3 signs are:

  1. Technology blends seamlessly with the many ways employees work.
  2. Users can be more human.
  3. Tools foster collaboration among different teams.

Check out the article, Are Your Technology Decisions Helping or Hurting Your Employees? for the full description.

On the other hand, it may be a more effective use of your time (and money) and your employee’s time (and still your money) to invest in “done for you” tech services for your business. Investing in tech services significantly increases your efficiency as a business leader so you can focus on leading your company and changing the world. Who doesn’t want to grow their business faster and quicker to make a greater impact?

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