Tsunami Strategy Sessions include three 60-minute calls conducted with you by Ronnie Tsunami to:

  1. Design a custom signature system for you.  This is a unique and memorable way or approach for helping your clients succeed in their goals, and it implies that your system is proven and has results that can be duplicated.  For instance you may have a 5-step system for helping clients to overcome their fears.
  2. Develop a contextual model of your signature system as a graphic, such as the one below.  You will receive a professional graphic as a low-res image for use on the Internet, as well as a high-res image suitable for printing.
  3. Develop a product development/implementation strategy based on your new signature system, which can be used to develop a suite of products and/or services.  This is valuable for generating additional revenue through upsells, developing brand awareness, and  keeping your clients moving forward in their journey with you as their guide.

Ronnie Tsunami has been developing signature systems for a number of organizations and Change Leaders for more than 25 years, as his clients have included Microsoft, the US Air Force, Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable), Blue Cross/Blue Shield and many more.