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Techie Secret #1 – Having “years of experience” doesn’t make a better technology expert:

  • With the average life cycle of new technology being 6 to 12 months, experience doesn’t matter as much as the drive to learn new things.
  • Someone with 2 to 3 years experience in the Information Technology (IT) field can surpass a professional with more than 20 years experience in terms of relevant knowledge and the ability to solve problems.
  • A business owner can learn about the latest social media tools in a few months and out perform someone with a 4-year Computer Science AND Marketing degree.
  • When looking for a technology professional, ask them to describe their innovations rather than just listing their skill sets or companies they’ve worked for.


Techie Secret #2 – Everyone is a “techie” (unless you’re Amish):

  • A “techie” is someone who likes to learn and use technology.
  • If you use a computer, tablet, email, cellphone, TV, printer, video camera, GPS, drive a car or even use a microwave…you are a “techie”. Some people are simply “techier” than others. The question is – to what degree are you a “techie”?
  • There is no formal eductaion needed to be designated as a “techie”.
  • Everyone has access to the same information “techies” use to learn about new technologies and find solutions to problems.


Techie Secret #3 – Technology is fun:

  • What’s not fun about making money, saving money or having more time to do the things you want to do?
  • If I taught you how to use a tablet, such as an iPad, to increase your sales conversion and process transactions that put money in your bank account, you might just think technology is LOTS of fun.
  • Still don’t think technology is fun? When I purchased a GPS for my car and didn’t have to worry about getting lost or missing an appointment, I was so happy that I could have married the slightly robotic-sounding woman providing me turn-by-turn directions without scolding me or making me feel like I was a complete idiot.

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